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"loving yourself is the simplest most rebellious revolution you'll ever be apart of. 


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Here to CAPTURE the beauty of the everyday woman

The women I photograph are the everyday women, they're teachers, mothers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, brides etc...You don't have to be a model to pose in the most flattering way possible. You are beautiful during any stage of life, it's my goal to make you see that


Fall in Love With Yourself 
You Are Worth it


Are you ready to be a supermodel for the day?

The Boudoir Photography Experience

Before & After!

"I just had a baby and i don't feel great about my body"

None of my clients know how to pose. I will coach you through the entire shoot while my hair and make up team will bring out the Giselle in you. You will admire yourself and completely forget you're having a boudoir photoshoot

"What If I don't know how to pose?!" 

I truly cannot thank you enough, these pictures are absolutely stunning. As someone who has always struggled with body image and confidence, I can truly say seeing these and going through the experience has never made me feel more BEAUTIFUL. Your free spirited approach made me feel so comfortable, confident and at ease, it truly is a blessing to have you as my photographer. Thank you times 1,000,000 and even that is not enough!

Miss T

If you want to feel beautiful inside and out but you don’t know quite how to, I would tell you to set up a photoshoot with Ina. I recently just had my THIRD shoot with her because of the way she makes me feel in front of the camera. Being a woman, she knows exactly how to direct you in order to get the best angles, smiles, light you name it. Ina is professional on every level, very personable. It’s clear she was cut out for the work she does and it shows. If I could redo my wedding just to have her as my photographer I would! So if you’re a bride or just looking boost yourself esteem you have to set your self up with Ina for an awesome boudoir session! You will not be disappointed!! I just turned 50 and I felt 20 years younger! Not kidding! I loved it!

I did this boudoir shoot as a gift to my future husband and I thought it
would be fun! My favorite part of the session was the photo viewing. It was so
exciting to see how good they turned out!This shoot made me feel super confident and sexy. I was a little
nervous because I wasn’t really happy with my body before hand but once I
was taking the photos and seeing them it was a huge confidence boost. The experience was better than I expected. Ina made me feel super
comfortable while at the same time directing me to make the photos look their
best. The best part was seeing my finished pictures and showing my
friends. The only thing I would change is not doing it so far in advance from
when I am giving it to my fiancé because I just want to show him already.

Miss M

Ina makes everything as convenient as possible from beginning to end of this journey. She is very patient and prepares you for all the questions you may or may not have prior to the appointment so you are confident and ready for the shoot. I appreciate her flexibility in this process as much as her testing my physical flexibility to get the perfect shot! I’m so happy with the pictures that came out. I was a bit worried I would look too vulgar because of my larger chest size but I looked very elegant and classy in every picture. I’m happy that Ina has taken timeless photos of me so I can appreciate and admire my physical form which I have neglected to do from time to time, but no more!

Miss M



Testimonials from WOMEN that took the leap!



You are

Unveil your inner

Are all these photos of models who do this for a living?

It really doesn't matter how old or young we are, how slight or curvy, most women cringe when it comes to having their photos taken. Let alone if there are skimpy outfits involved! The photos on our website are of real women, they're 30, 40s and 50 year olds, teachers, nurses, doctor, lawyers etc. Do not wait for your ideal weight, You are beautiful just as you are.But I'm here to tell you, it's all about your photographer understanding absolutely everything there is to know about posing!  

"Those who invest in themselves go farther in life"
Your inner beauty captured

You will be taught and coached on posing the moment you book your shoot with me and i will pose you and guide you throughout the entire session, you just relax, be yourself and enjoy taking pampering to a whole new level  

Most people avoid the camera because they say oh no I have to lose 20 pounds. Don't wait to be photographed. Do it now! With great posing, your body will look fabulous and you will, too!

I want to book a  shoot but i'm NOT SURE I'M READY

I am not a model, i don't know how to pose


You got this


Everything you need to know to make your dream session a reality

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"At some point you just have to decide to be that woman you have always known to be"


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